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May 2, 2018

Which PV for your Home or Office?


A recent MIT News article referenced a Nature Energy paper which presented the counter-intuitive proposal that higher value and higher efficiency PV technologies provide better LCOE (Levelised Cost of Energy) and investment payback for home scale installations, based mainly on the available space and the per m² cost rate of supporting systems. This study reviewed current and emerging technologies across a few USA climates. I would like to know how this translates into South African cost rates and climates. If you would also like to know, like this post or drop us an email and we will dive into the data to try and extract an answer for you ASAP.

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    Mar 25, 2018

    Sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Resilience, Self Subsistence These are mature topics in an somewhat immature market. There are far too many uninformed opinions from snake-oil sales men to make the journey for the uninitiated a safe one. Post your questions and comments, pictures and advice here for the community to share. Remember, our comments policy applies so keep it clean and civil.
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