Post-Pizza Pot Roast


After enjoying straight-out-the-oven pizzas we are always left feeling that the remaining heat of the oven is wasted (except for the kids roasting marshmallows on the end of long bamboo shoots). 


So we planned ahead a little and prepared veg and chicken in a cast iron pot for roasting after pizza.


This Post-Pizza Pot Roast provided a tasty Re-heat-'n-Eat the next day - Sunday lunch sorted!


The recipe went like this:

  • 12 baby potatoes (whole)

  • 3 medium carrots (cut into thick slices)

  • 6 baby marrows (halved)

  • 1 large onion

  • 1 kg whole chicken

Coat a cast iron pot with about a 1/4 cup of oil (we usually use canola oil but sunflower or olive oil will also be good). Throw the potatoes, carrots and half the onion (roughly sliced) into the bottom of the pot - sprinkle with a touch extra oil and salt. 


Stuff a blob of butter (about a table spoon) and the rest of the onion into the cavity of the chicken, sprinkle with salt on the outside and place the chicken on top of the root vegetables. 


Arrange the baby marrows around the chicken; add some thyme, if you like, and another blob of butter on top of the chicken (we also added some pepperdews from our garden on top).


Put the lid on and place the pot in the oven surrounded by coals and close the oven door.


Cooking time: one hour - just enough time to enjoy another glass of wine and wind down!


... and it came out smelling like my childhood Christmas at Granny's!


We transferred the whole lot into a cooler dish to cover and refrigerate for the next day. It was great, even when re-heated in the microwave. 


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